Santa Casa de Valinhos starts monitoring equipment over the internet

Santa Casa de Valinhos implemented a project to identify and locate ICU equipment, which should make it possible to prevent theft and diversion, and even reduce maintenance costs. With the use of devices that emit signals that are captured by antennas connected to a central control, responsible for checking and storing the data on a server.

Hospital superintendent Edson Manzano explains that the project came from the need to update inventory, monitor shifts, and locate devices. “The real-time tracking system hampers diversions and thefts, makes it easier to locate equipment for patient care, lowers maintenance costs and streamlines asset audits. It replaces controls that, until then, were done manually. We have been able to optimize our resources better, “says Manzano.

The initiative was carried out in partnership with companies Taggen Soluções IoT and Biocam Equipos Médico-hospitalares, where all the data are integrated to the Genesis system of Clinical Engineering, so that they can be analyzed by IBM Watson, thus optimizing the resources of the hospital.

The implementation of the project allows meeting the current standards of annual inventories and also the maintenance of the ONA (National Organization of Accreditation) certificate, which evaluates the quality of health services.

According to the superintendent, the new resource meets the goal of establishing a transparent and continuous improvement management, fundamental aspects for the improvement of the administration of a Santa Casa – a philanthropic and non-profit hospital, that needs to maximize the direction of the onlendings received from public agencies and donations.

In view of the success of the IoT initiative, the hospital’s goal now is to expand the monitoring and location project, with the installation of beacons in the equipment of the Emergency Room and the Surgical Center, accompanied by other technical resources, as early as 2018 and, in this way, to monitor approximately 100 equipment, with positive results in serving the population.

“We evaluated this project in a positive and unavoidable way. IoT technologies, when well applied, are very supportive in helping with diagnosis, faster, safer patient care and management. Here at Santa Casa we also have a real-time application that allows you to visualize the waiting period in the emergency room and receive safe donations, among other facilities, “concludes Manzano.

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