We are a team of creative, restless and innovative experts.

If you want to develop a solution or product using IoT concepts or RFID technology come and look for us. We help to integrate companies and software developers to realize their ideas. We can be idealizers of technological solutions focused primarily on IT and RFID, software developers, component suppliers or specialized consulting. We go beyond the job script, we are what connects you and your business with the future.


Time has brought us experience in information technology, security, quality and integration with the most complex systems in the market. Nevertheless, it is not the years that have moved us. It is a future to be won that brings us forward.


Our solutions connect people. We cherish ethics, integrity and honesty in all of our decisions. Our way of understanding the real customer needs and bring new solutions is by wearing the shirt. Therefore, we cherish the personal commitment of every team to our customers and partners.

Technology does not stop. Neither do we. We therefore encourage the continuous pursuit of innovation in all areas and departments of our company. We strive, in all projects, to value and enthusiasm about the solutions we create.

Where are we going to

More than national references in IT and RFID, we want to be references when the subject is the future of identification, management, security and technology.

Taggen proud

• First Brazilian Beacon is Taggen
• Professionals with international CompTIA RFID certification.
• Winners of the Creative Technology category of the Estadio PME Award
• Strong relationship with universities and technology parks, supporting research and development.

We can be idealizers of technological solutions focused primarily on IT and RFID, software developers or even component suppliers.


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