Internet of things

One of the biggest technological trends in the sector.

Taggen Connected Worker

  • Registration of entry and exit of personnel;
  • Control of location of people and objects;
  • Verification of the correct use of PPE;
  • Restrictions on access to controlled environments and risky operations;

All of this in a single Solution.

The TAGGEN CONNECTED WORKER solution meets all safety certifications and the Taggen team is qualified to work in risk areas in any industry sector.

  • Cheers,
  • Accidents prevention,
  • People monitoring
  • Accuracy of information …

These are some of the advantages that the TAGGEN CONNECTED WORKER solution offers.


Through a simple and robust system, TG Stock associates parts with packaging tracked with IoT Tags, providing, in real time, the position of the parts in the inventory.

Using Bluetooth or Radio Frequency signals, IoT TAGs are read automatically, providing operators, managers and managers with accurate information about quantity, location and parts identification.

IoT TAGs emit bluetooth signals that can be picked up by mobile devices.

The continuous emission of signals allows automatic updating of the system, indicating whether the parts are in stock or in another area of the factory.


  • Accuracy of Information between 99 to 100%
  • Processes improvement
  • Integration with several ERPs

Taggen Link IoT

Machines are constantly communicating between them today. The TAGGEN Link IoT platform facilitates this conversation. This software collects and connects data from your TAGGEN Beacons and other devices automatically, without programming or technical knowledge.

– Connect and collect data from your TAGGEN Beacons and associated sensors automatically through the Link gateway, without programming or technical knowledge;
– Connect manage and collect data from any device using our API;
– Your devices can publish data and receive notifications from our servers;
– Manage an unlimited number of devices on a secure, scalable platform;
– Analyze collected data, display in Dashboards;
– Create business rules for generating alarms and notifications;
– Manage your platform through an intuitive web portal or through your Smartphone or Tablet;
– Create your own applications using our API;
– Integrate your device and other technologies;
– Reduce IT infrastructure and management costs.

All this and more on a single platform.


Taggen Beacon 

The first 100% Brazilian beacon is Taggen.

A small device, but with a series of differentials in relation to the market beacons. The perfect device for creating mobile proximity and real-time traceability solutions.

Taggen Gateway

Hardware specialized in data collection.

The perfect solution to automatically collect data from loT devices, such as beacons, approved UHF RFID readers and other sensors.

We can be idealizers of technological solutions focused primarily on IT and RFID, software developers or even component suppliers.


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