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Internet of things.

One of the biggest technological trends in the IT industry is connecting everyday devices and gadgets (things) to the internet.
The applications of this new technology can be numerous and meet diverse demands, such as: logistics, security, accessibility, mobility, retail and agriculture.

The first 100% Brazilian beacon is Taggen.

A small device, but with a series of differentials in relation to the market beacons. The perfect device for creating mobile proximity solutions and real-time traceability.

Hardware that specializes in data collection.

The perfect solution for automatically collecting data from loT devices, such as beacons, UHF RFID readers and other sensors.

Safe and scalable platform for your devices.

Manage the data of your beacons and associated sensors automatically through this solution, without programming or technical knowledge.


We are certified Alien Technology distributors.

TAGGEN is a certified Alien Technology distributor in Brazil, the company that created the world’s first UHF GEN 1 and 2 RFID readers. Alien has the best equipment on the market to build RFID solutions. We stand alongside one of the largest leaders in the global UHF Gen-2 RFID industry, with the best equipment on the market for solution building.


Alien antennas provide high performance for use in a variety of highly complex applications, optimizing the reading of tags in small, medium or long distances.


Alien is reinventing RFID with what is most advanced when it comes to “Readers.” Its solutions streamline and simplify the installation, operation and maintenance of the entire RFID infrastructure.


Middleware RFID link Taggen – RFID Link middleware is software that enables the company to focus the development and management effort on its vertical solutions.

We can be idealizers of technological solutions focused primarily on IT and RFID, software developers or even component suppliers.