Internet of things

One of the biggest technological trends in the sector.

Taggen Beacon

The TAGGEN BEACON is a small device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to emit signals that can be detected by Smartphones or Tablets.

Know all the differentials in relation to the Beacons of the market:

• 100% national, totally manufactured in Brazil;
• Battery consumption indicator lights;
• Robust hardware, with battery options and specific encapsulation for various applications;
• Open standards for Apple iBeacon or Google Eddystone;
• documented and supported SDK throughout the country;
• APIS available for cloud platform;
• Range of up to 150 meters;
• ANATEL Certificate;
• Temperature Sensors;
• Brightness;
• Moisture;
• Among others.

Taggen Gateway

The TAGGEN Gateway is a hardware that facilitates the collection of data from IoT devices and send them to the TAGGEN IoT Link platform. In addition, the Gateway allows the automatic collection of TAGGEN Beacon data (including sensors) and homologated UHF RFID readers (acting as embedded Middleware for the latter).

Taggen IoT Link

Machines are constantly communicating between them today. The TAGGEN IoT Link platform facilitates this conversation. This software collects and connects data from your TAGGEN Beacons and other devices automatically, without programming or technical knowledge.

• Connect and collect data from your TAGGEN Beacons and associated sensors automatically through the Link gateway, without programming or technical knowledge;
• Connect manage and collect data from any device using our API;
• Your devices can publish data and receive notifications from our servers;
• Manage an unlimited number of devices on a secure, scalable platform;
• Analyze collected data, display in Dashboards;
• Create business rules for generating alarms and notifications;
• Manage your platform through an intuitive web portal or through your Smartphone or Tablet;
• Create your own applications using our API;
• Integrate your device and other technologies;
• Reduce IT infrastructure and management costs.

All this and more on a single platform.

We can be idealizers of technological solutions focused primarily on IT and RFID, software developers or even component suppliers.